The Quest for Storage

‘Way back when I moved into this apartment with my boyfriend, I asked my best friend from playpen days, who had just moved in with her boyfriend, what was the most important lesson she had learned.

“Closets,” she said. “You can never have too many closets.”

Well, a one-bedroom brownstone apartment in Manhattan is ‘way different from an apartment in Chicago.

But guess what. We figured it out. First, there was all this empty space above the kitchen. We made it part loft, part attic. There! We had a place for skis, dismantled chairs, holiday decorations, camping equipment, it was crazy what we could fit in there! Then, as we added apartments, we added more storage space. Storage nooks under the turns of both staircases. Storage over the 3E bathroom and above the 3E big bedroom. And then finally, the coup de grâce, a full storage room!

Below: the storage room (almost as good as a garage), the ladder and library nook as they lead to the “attic,storage cubbies above the 3E bathroom and above the 3E large bedroom. Not shown, the under-the-landings units. But I think you get the idea!

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