My Last Post: An End And A Beginning!

The day before the closing on the old apartment, I walked through all of its now empty rooms, saying good-bye.

Good-bye to the windows that filled with white dogwood blossoms every spring. Good bye to Vena Hemstock Rice’s doors.

Good-bye to the snow forts, the pool parties, the backyard campouts, sleepovers filled with giggles, cook-outs and late night conversations about the weighty and the silly. Good-bye to so many good times with dear friends and family.

As I walked, looked, remembered and just felt, a Task Rabbit tasker worked in the yard doing a final cleanup. We’d had to reschedule multiple times because of all the snowfalls of early 2021.

He finished up.

“I found this in the ivy,” he said.

And he handed me a Champagne glass with dried ivy leaves in it.

Vena Hemstock Rice

I smiled.

“It always was a good times apartment,” I said.

And it was. May it stay that way.

And now, I’m in my new apartment, another good times apartment, about to welcome guests. And we’ll toast to a new chapter of living life to its fullest. With Vena Hemstock Rice’s Champagne glasses. Vena, you party girl.

2 thoughts on “My Last Post: An End And A Beginning!

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  1. Hey, girlie-girl! Where are you? Can you send a “share contact”? An exciting new life lies ahead… 👍❤️❤️❤️


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