The Rock Star in My Apartment

I have a rock star niece. Her name is Maddie Rice. I’ve watched her play music since she was about two. Maybe three. I’ve watched her play violin, electric violin and bagpipes. But mainly, I’ve watched her play guitar.

Maddie shredding it with Big Wild.

She never didn’t play. She always, always practiced. She is the embodiment of the 10,000 hours rule popularized by Malcolm Gladwell. I watched her play in her parents’ living room, my parent’s deck, at The Canyons in Park City and all over Salt Lake.

After she graduated from Berklee College of Music (of course), she needed a place to stay for a bit in New York City so I said to her dad (my brother), “Of course, she can stay with us!”

My brother was so grateful. He thought it was so kind of us.

Kind? She was the perfect guest. I never saw her! Our night was her day, her day was our night. She had her own apartment pretty quickly so it was a too-short stay.

I’ve seen her play with her girl bands in dive bars somewhere in the wilds of Jersey and down in the Mercury Lounge in New York City. I saw her at the House of Yes in Bushwick, Warsaw in Brooklyn, Radio City Music Hall , with Rubblebucket; with K-Pop star Taeyang at Madison Square Garden (that’s the photo at the top), House of Blues, Houston when she toured with Big Wild (and listen to the song, Touch, they just recorded–remotely, in the pandemic! I also love 6’s to 9’s), and, of course, The Ed Sullivan Theater with Stay Human on the Stephen Colbert Show. Alas, I did not see her play with Carole King at the Global Citizen Concert in Central Park last September–but the music director for the band that I was in the time did!

Maddie and Taeyang at Madison Square Garden

Shortly after she graduated from Berklee she did a lot with Drew ofthe Drew (not a typo, it’s how he spells it!) And at some point, we were on vacation–in Greece, I think–and I had told Maddie she was free to use our apartment. As I recall , they had had a studio for recording but afterwards discovered they needed to do more. They looked at my apartment and those high ceilings and for acoustical reasons unknown to me, it apparently was perfect! So, hey, cool!

I got an email from my brother. “How nice of you to let Maddie use your apartment for the Drew of the Drew video.”

“Uh, what?” I emailed back.

He did not respond (heh, heh).

We watched it as we traveled and we loved it!

Meanwhile, here’s one of the videos and watch for the rock stars reading “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” to each other in the library reading nook (see photo below). Also, watch for our scooters! It’s a pretty good tour of the apartment as it used to look as well!

In the small world department, she very briefly taught guitar shortly after she moved here. I was talking to a guy I know and he started talking about his daughter’s new guitar teacher and how his daughter loved her.

“She’s from Salt Lake City,” he said.

“Wait,” I said. “Is she Maddie Rice?”


To totally switch gears, a realtor friend had a great idea.”Have Maddie playing in your apartment video!” Hmm, I love that idea! I could have her on the balcony, and then fade out, one on the staircases, fading in and out. Whattaya think of that?

Maddie being good sport and meeting with her aunt and cousin, pre show in Houston.

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